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Street Dreams is the type of documentary series is difficult to get made: while the film targets the abusive behavior of people in wealthier countries who ultimately fuel this industry, it is set in developing or less wealthy countries which are somewhat foreign to our culture, making it more difficult to relate to. However, these films are some of the most important films to get produced as it represents a view of both a problem that needs more exposure, but also a view of hope and the power of compassion. Public and government funding is often scarce due to stiff competition or under-resourced supply so we are turning to private support to help get the film on its feet.

We at Red Earth have a heart for this type of film/story/theme and we hope you do too!

As proud as we are of Street Dreams, the making of this film helped us realise how dependent we need to be on others who share our same passions but have complimentary gifts and resources.  If this was the case with one Street Dreams film, imagine the support base we require for an entire Street Dreams Project?!

To start, there’s a couple of direct ways you can help:

  • Donate directly to our account: BSB: 034002  Account: 174114  Account name: RED EARTH FILM PRODUCTIONS
  • For a tax-deductible receipt for your donation to the film Street Dreams, go through Documentary Australia

Generous Donators will be blessed with great karma and our deep admiration and appreciation! Any funds donated to specific projects can earn you recognition by having your name listed on our sponsor page plus on the credit roll for our film projects. Talk to us about more significant sponsoring and partnering with us.

Here is a list of generous sponsors and partners to date! Thank you all!!

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So what other kind of support are we looking for with the Street Dreams Project….

Everyday People – One of the real joys of making and releasing Street Dreams has been watching a small band of everyday people become supporters of Red Earth. From the moment we announced the first crowdfunding campaign through to the public screenings, Red Earth has been humbled by the response of so many people. We could never have done it without them. Now as we look to a larger undertaking, we look to build on that support. We need folk all around the world to get behind us in so many ways. Whether it’s making a donation, sharing our postings on Facebook or bringing a friend or two to the screenings, if a lot of people can contribute even something seemingly small, our Street Dream vision will be realised and we can all take a another stand against human trafficking and slavery. If you are reading this and you are not yet part of our support base, then check out the following resources:

Community Groups and Congregations – Red Earth is very proud to have had several community groups and church congregations support our cause. It has always been a pleasure to visit these groups regularly and share our vision with folks who share our values for helping those in our world in need. There is something special about working in partnership with larger groups that provides Red Earth with the extra encouragement and enables us to push forward. If you are part of a group that you believe appreciate our work why not introduce them to Red Earth via one of our documentaries, particularly Street Dreams.

Anti-Trafficking and Anti-Slavery Organisations – The original Street Dreams could never have been made had it not been for the assistance of Destiny Rescue and FOCUS. When it comes to these type of documentaries, if groups like these don’t help, we have no film. With Red Earth’s upcoming projects, we are going to need plenty more of these groups. It’s not easy for organisations to make this kind of commitment either as it takes a lot of bravery to make yourself vulnerable to a group of guys with a video camera. If it’s any indication of the worthiness of this risk, the previous organisations that have been involved with us will attest to the positive impact our film has had on their organisation’s outlook. We hope that through Street Dreams, new organisations on the coal face of trafficking and slavery will join us in tell their story.

Philanthropists, Businesses, Churches and Funding Organisations  – Now, more then ever, we are seeking those with heart and mandate for giving generously to look favourably upon Red Earth Films and our Street Dreams project. We know that our supporters, many of them students and working families on modest incomes, will give to us above their means. We know that plenty of charities and anti-trafficking and anti-slavery groups will give much of their precious time and human resource to promote the cause. But without the more significant monetary contribution of exceptional givers, The Street Dreams Project will never reach its full potential. We would urge all major supporters to please consider our Funding Plan (See Contact details below) which will show how our major givers can benefit from getting behind our project.

Volunteers – Ever read the list of credits after any documentary or other film and wondered what do all these people do? Well, the truth is that many of these people are not big celebrity filmmakers but people just like you with a variety of gifts that a film really needs – and WE REALLY NEED. For the Street Dream project, we need administrators, researchers, personal assistants, legal people and of course, people with filmmaking abilities. If you fall into any of these categories and feel that you just may have something to give, then don’t hesitate to contact us. You may be able to offer us a little bit of time to give after-hours, or you might feel really game and volunteer some days, weeks or months to Red Earth Films. Either way, we would love to here from you to work something out.

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We successfully raised $35,000 in funding over various initiatives and for that we are extremely thankful to all those who supported us.  If you have questions about the Street Dreams project & funding, see our FAQs.

Filmmaking is an expensive activity, even doing it with a shoestring budget like we did. To put things in context, the $35K raised covered less than a third of our costs and for the majority of 2012 Jason and Mike haven’t been paid for their work. While we do make films like this because we feel it is important and we enjoy it, there is a limit to this sort of activity if you can’t afford to feed or clothe or house yourself without finding some other form of income. Our dream is to be able to afford to make important films like this full-time so we can focus on the work and why we’re doing it. We are hoping that Street Dreams will be the catalyst to launch us closer to that dream. Any support you can provide would be immensely appreciated (for example, we have a couple of people who send us small sums each fortnight. We don’t know how this impacts them personally but we think that they are amazing and wonderful people. If we had enough people doing this very same thing on a regular basis, imagine what would be possible in terms of reaching out into this big world exploring the tough issues and creating real change)!

– – – – – – – – – –


10 thoughts on “Support Us

  1. I would love to help with a song I just wrote for Destiny Rescue “Rescue Me” No words, simply solo piano. I have been led to offer it to you so you can use it however you may choose. My Friend Roger Korinstra, a local business owner actually houses the USA branch of Destiny Rescue (Syracuse, IN) just a few miles from my home.

    May God Bless you and those working with you on this project!

    Here is my offering:

    I have several others to choose from as well on soundcloud.

    1. Thanks Jeff, that is very generous of you to offer the song for us to use. We very much like your work and will certainly look for a way to include it when we return from the trip to edit the film!

    2. Jeff I listened to your piano piece and absolutely think it’s incredible and just perfect for Destiny Rescue. 🙂

  2. Hello,

    Have you established your DVD production contacts yet?

    If not, I may be able to offer some duplication services at the cost of the product only, Cases, Discs, Etc…

    Let me know, I’d like to help if possible.

  3. I love Destiny Rescue! I love everything about this organisation!
    I love how God’s using you! I love the testimonies! I just love this cause! Will definitely be contributing!!

  4. Is it possible to organise a viewing down the South Coast of Sydney? I am sure our church or school would be host a screening. Even if there was no one available to come I would be happy to organise it all and host it.

    1. Hi Dianne,

      We’d love to do a screening where you are, but it depends on when you are thinking and where you are located. We have a second round of screenings in mind after this tour as we were unable to get to numerous places including Canberra, Perth, Cairns, Darwin and Alice, to name a few. It’d be great to start a dialogue and see what would work for you and us. Let me know what you have in mind and what you would likely be able to organise in your community in terms of attendance. Cheers! Mike

  5. Hi,

    G’day! Am interested to bring the film to Singapore, Malaysia if it’s possible. I Would be able to arrange for logistics of the film to be shown in a proper auditorium & possibly get sponsors to raise funds.

    I would also like to find out how I could volunteer on a more practical manner. Let me know.


    1. Hi Cara,

      Thanks for your message. We’re very pleased to hear that there is so much interest in our film. Can I ask how you heard of it? And are you affiliated with an organisation or university?

      I suppose first off it would be good to know the timeframe of when you are hoping to show the film. The only thing we are hoping to do is screen the film at international film festivals so that night delay your opportunity to show it as the festivals we are interested in have premiere requirements that we need to adhere to.

      If you can provide me with a bit more information of the event you intend to have, that will allow us to work with you.

      With regards to volunteering, did you mean with Destiny Rescue or on this event to show the film?

      Kind regards,

      Mike Crowhurst

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