Street Dreams started as a single film exploring the victims and survivors of human trafficking and sexual slavery, and has blossomed into an idea for a 4-part documentary series. Below is information about the original film including trailers, where to buy a copy and why it was made.


SD DVDStreet Dreams is available via streaming and on DVD. Our VHX streaming service offers a full-HD experience (but can also be streamed in standard definition for slower internet connections) that was not previously available.

DVDs are for sale via the our partner store at the Destiny Rescue’s online shop.

With this release – which features a revamped audio mix and minor visual improvements – comes a host of extras to round out the journey that making this film took us on, including:

  • The 60 minute Street Dreams documentary
  • Jason’s South East Asian Video Diary
  • Mike’s Scenic montage
  • “Red Lit Stage” Video from Remember Seven
  • Chong’s Reflections on Destiny Rescue
    …and more!

With DVD hard copies of the film, you can purchase either the home-use version (for small groups like family and friends) or the institutional/public-screening licenses (for screening the film to groups over 20 people, like churches, communities, schools or as part of a social service programme**) for unlimited screenings. In addition, we will be selling versions of past Red Earth productions here as well.

** in part as a courtesy to Red Earth Films and also a legal responsibility to the end-user, we are asking groups who are likely to screen the film to larger groups or regularly in an educational environment to purchase the institutional license. We are offering it at a fair price which helps compensate Red Earth for a film that was largely made off our own backs but also offers users a legal and cost-effective way to expose the issue of human trafficking. Thank you!


The first Street Dreams documentary aimed to expose the dark world of human trafficking and child prostitution, while seeking out the heros behind the tales of hope and rescue of these enslaved victims.

You can watch our TRAILERS at the bottom of this page.

THE AIM – Create a DVD resource that would tell the story about the world of South-East Asian human trafficking and flesh trade (particularly in the Philippines & Thailand) and those who are trying to rescue them.

WHY – To create awareness of the real life effects of human trafficking and poverty, and support organisations like F.O.C.U.S  and Destiny Rescue who are desperately trying to make a difference.

THE STORY – Despite Asia’s well-documented prostitution and human trafficking issues, the voices of those caught up in it are still largely silent. We wish to explore the heartfelt, tragic yet hopeful stories of young girls in South East Asia, trapped in a cruel world where they are exploited, their childhoods stolen from them, but who still have dreams.

While Street Dreams aims to tackle the overwhelming injustice that is the flesh-trade industry, we are aiming to steer away from the depressing world that viewers typically see and struggle to relate to, and rather focus on a concept that is shared by everyone – childhood dreams. It is here where the audience will see how real human hope, love and determination stare in the face of despair every day, holding on to promises of a better life.

One of the underlying subtexts of this documentary will be the role of the western society in creating an environment where the multi-billion dollar global industry of human trafficking and flesh trade flourishes. During the film, the audience will realise these workers are metaphor for the western world’s ongoing exploitation of entire nations crippled by immense poverty and injustice. One main character in the film will be social worker Marlene Alastra from F.O.C.U.S who knows the girls and their situations very well.



There are two trailers to choose from:

Watch our second, extended-length trailer (7 mins) that gives you an in-depth idea of what we’re doing:


Or watch the first teaser trailer (2 mins) that gives you a quick sense of our vision:



Visit the dedicated Tour 2012 page for the run down on where we went, audience testimonials and photos and more.



To everyone who contributed to the funding and creation of the first Street Dreams documentary, we have a special page honouring their commitment.






8 thoughts on “EPISODE 1

    1. Hi Dana, the doco DVD is still being completed and will be ready in limited release next month. Where are you located? The DVD won’t be widely available just yet as we don’t want to jeopardise our chances with overseas festivals, many of which will not accept a film if it is available for distribution on disc. Since we have done a modest tour within Australia and aren’t broadly publishing the DVD, we may still even be able to appeal to Australian broadcasters like SBS or ABC. If you are outside of Australia, stay tuned as we are currently working out a strategy for screenings in the US, Europe & other regions. Cheers!

  1. I am located in Perth, Australia. It looks so great. Would love to be able to view it or even organise a screening. It seems we have just missed the Aus tour so understand how this might now be difficult. Please keep me informed of the release and distribution if possible!

    1. We’re actively encouraging groups who wish to set-up screenings for their community to get involved! This whole issue and film project is about equipping people with the tools to spread the world and educate others about this terrible problem. If you think you’d like to coordinate a showing of the film in your area, please contactus@redearthfilms.com.au

    1. Hey Paulo, great to hear from you! We’d love to send you a copy and get screenings happening however we are just limiting things to Australia for the moment. We are entered into a number of international film festivals and in order not to jeopardise our chances of getting into them, we can’t have copies of the film floating around just yet. Festivals want to limit the film’s exposure and so far we have limited ourselves to Australian audiences. People like yourself are high on our list though once we do go international, probably a few months into 2013. Thanks again for your help and contribution as an expert voice in our film! We’ll be in touch when we go global 😀

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