The follow up to the original Street Dreams documentary will focus on the numerous individuals and groups that run the global human trafficking and modern day slavery industry. From those who recruit the slaves, all the way up to the heads of mafias, this documentary will uncover the hidden world that is responsible for the oppression of millions, while threatening the freedom of millions more.

The audience will have unique insights into how these criminal networks operate in their many manifestations around the world. We will also seek to understand the mindset of these characters as we discover whether these men and women really are brutal businessowners, unwitting pawns or possibly even victims themselves. Either way, these apparent “baddies” are human too and we might be shocked to realise what their hopes and dreams are.

At the time of this writing, our potential destinations include Russia, India and Eastern Europe as these are some of the hottest human trafficking locations with some of the most notorious crime syndicates in the world. India alone sees 2000 girls trafficked into slavery every week. Having said this, Red Earth is committed to uncovering some of the lesser known trafficking stories and so we could end up anywhere that brings us to the most compelling tales.

It’s only early days in the creation of the Street Dreams Series, so please join us on this documentary adventure if you want to be a part of something inspiring and life-giving.



As many of you already know, our latest Street Dreams crowd funding campaign on Pozible fell short of it’s $30,000 target despite the heroic efforts of many of our passionate supporters who still managed to get us up to $18,000. Unfortunately because of Pozible’s operating conditions, we could not claim any of that $18,000. However, many of these wonderful donors have maintained their commitment to Red Earth and placed their pledge directly into our bank account – sometimes they have increased their donation! At this moment in time these excellent contributions have amounted to just under $9,000 and growing, and for this we are truly thankful.

The reality of falling short means that the vision for Street Dreams 2 has to be amended according to our new financial realities. Should we retrieve and exceed our $18,000 in pledges, then we will seek to fulfill the following priorities:

  • Work towards a making the Street Dreams 2 documentary
  • Support charitable organisations and NGO’s who share our passion for the poor by making promotional videos for them. Some of these will be directly involved in fighting trafficking and slavery others will not.
  • Take Street Dreams to the United States and widen our support base.

Should we receive less then the $18,000 pledged, then further amendments would need to be made. For us, it’s not a question of whether or not we make issue-related films, it’s a question of how much does our budget allow us to do. So if you want to join us with our ongoing Street Dreams campaign, then please contribute by placing a donation electronically to:

A big thank you to everyone out there supporting us with Street Dreams.



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