Red Earth’s first North American screening

Street Dreams will be screening for the first time in North America at:

1:00pm on the 22nd of July 2013 at the Star Cinema in Sidney, BC, Canada

star-cinemaThe Star is a boutique cinema on Vancouver Island which is located a 1.5 hour ferry ride from Vancouver. Red Earth’s Mike Crowhurst will MC the event and will answer audience questions following the screening. We are still trying to draw local government and NGOs to participate in the event as Victoria, BC’s provincial capitol, is just down the road and it would be great to be able to introduce this film and our forthcoming Series to some influential folks.

Red Earth has been working with numerous groups in the Vancouver area trying to line up a screening or two to happen when Mike is holidaying there in the coming weeks. Our hope had been to do a more substantial launch there, but the combination of schedule conflicts with human rights organisations, the busy summer season and not overburdening Mike on his holidays has meant that things have been kept scaled back.

Mike’s parents live in the Sidney area and so it seemed appropriate to make it a local event drawing the interest of a local audience keen to hear the voice of a former BC boy making human rights films overseas 😀

We’ll update this site as more information about this event comes available. If you are in the Vancouver area and are interested in seeing Street Dreams on the big screen or you know anyone who would like to support our endeavors, please share this information around!


A film series to inspire a change in the world…



This is a landmark film series for Red Earth films as it is a passionate reflection of who we are and the issues we feel need to be shared with the world.

This blog is an ongoing resource of information about our film project Street Dreams and its progress, and of links and stories pertaining to the documentary’s topic of human trafficking and the enslavement of millions of people worldwide. Use the menu above to find out more about the film and it’s creators!

In 2013 we embarked on a campaign to start creating the second Street Dreams film in our 4-part series. Funding has come in lower than hoped and so we are evaluating how we plan to tackle our plan. This was our current plan as of the end of 2013.

In Sept 2012, we completed a five-state tour through Australia which was an amazing experience in sharing our first Street Dreams film. It was great to see the film on the big screen but more importantly some of the impressions we made on people who were touched by what they saw was all we could have hoped for. Check out our Aussie Tour page which links to photos from the trip, testimonials from people who felt our passionate message. If you’d like to organise your own event, please contact us!

We hope you will join us to feel moved, inspired and entertained!


The passing of Lynn Wallis

Mike and Jason and the Red Earth Films community want to acknowledge the life of friend and supporter Lynn Wallis who passed away yesterday. Not only did Lynn and husband Gary make a significant contribution to our Street Dreams crowd funding campaign, but Lynn’s legacy will be seen in the presence of her daughter Katie Wallis who is a prominent character in Street Dreams. In Katie one can see the compassion, conviction and skills that made her mother one of the most remarkable people you could ever wish to meet. Like everyone who knew her, we will miss Lynn terribly.
Our thoughts and prayers are with Gary, Katie and the rest of the Wallis family during this time.

Call out for assistance

Since returning from South East Asia and the Street Dreams primary shoot, we have been sifting through the footage and photos, organising a funding document and preparing a quick movie teaser trailer to be taken for fundraising talks to the US by Jason’s brother-in-law. Our primary focus is now going to be finding the funds to be able to keep working on the film in as continuous of a capacity as possible. Fundraising for the principle shoot of the film was very successful and allowed us to get the ball rolling on the project. However, those initial funds raised were already based on a very lean budget and allowed nothing more in terms of money required to allow for continued editing and creation of the finished product.

So this is a call out for assistance in a number of ways:

  • we are asking anyone with knowledge of, or connections to philanthropists who would see the value in contributing to a project like ours to please find a way for us to meet and discuss with these people
  • likewise, any other grants or funding bodies that you are aware of that might be willing to invest in our film
  • individuals who have not yet or have previously donated to our project (we have tax-deductible status through Documentary Australia), we welcome additional funds
  • if anyone has direct need or knows of a person/business requiring video production work for Red Earth Films (ie. corporate, training, wedding, television commercial or program, music video, event), getting extra work allows us to funnel more funding towards Street Dreams as well

In personal terms, I (Mike) have also run into a dry spell of no work whatsoever, with a slow industry and my usual sources of income through video work having dried up, so I’m left floating in a money-free ether at the moment! If anyone in the Adelaide area has any work opportunities (video or otherwise), this would be gratefully received as well!

The only way we can continue to work on this important film is for us to receive even the bare funding to survive. We truly would like to dedicate all our time and efforts to making this project as amazing, influential and memorable as possible, but without funds we are not able to focus on the film; it will have to put it aside while we work elsewhere to keep afloat.

Thanks for all your help to date and any help you can offer from here on in! 🙂

Rescues in Chiang Mai

Today we chugged on down through the countryside experiencing driving rain to lovely sunshine but making good time on Thailand’s excellent roads en route  to see some rescues in bustling Chiang Mai. The city is a little over 3 hours’ drive from Chiang Rai and is the country’s second-largest city. As we whisked along past rice paddies, humpy hills and thick, luxurious jungle, we prepared for what we hoped would be an exciting addition to our rescue footage: the negotiation of taking 5 girls from their existence as sex-workers and giving them a new life and a new home. More on that to come…

Yesterday we had a bit of fun the river Kok from Chiang Rai as we took a boat ride along it for some “pretty Thailand” shots and to see the elephant park. The river was tranquil,and the ride cool and beautiful. A few kms down the river, we took a ride on some elephants through a small village which was great fun (though a bumpy ride!). Later that day we experienced Destiny Rescue’s “games day” where every rescued girl, prevention child, staff and associate of DR participates in games like volleyball, soccer, netball and party-type games. It was a great way to see the whole DR family, especially the girls who would have come from difficult backgrounds, now smiling, laughing and experiencing joy with their new friends.

Here’s a couple of photos from the past couple of days…

The elephants were beingf a bit playful in this pic. They are very sweet animals 🙂

Jason chugging along in our long boat

‘Nuff said 🙂

North Thailand – DR HQ

Well, we’ve been going hard at it all day with a meeting first thing after a poor night’s sleep and lots of heat & humidity but also managing a couple of interviews with former brothel-workers, something we didn’t expect to get right off the bat. The expectation was that the girls may warm up to us over time and if we were lucky, we’d get an interview. There is hope of a couple of more here, plus, more in line with Destiny Rescue’s specialty, some aims to acquire a rescue while we’re here.

We had a lovely lunch with Tony (DR’s main man) and his family who all live here and have for 7 years now (with 3 kids) and they all love it. Chiang Rai is a funny place; very typical South East Asia but also a strange lawless land where every dubious activity takes place — drug taking/running, arms-running, human trafficking, corrupt police —  and yet it is a slow-paced, placid place with lots of smiling locals. We’ve been put up in a decent place owned by DR and have seen all their various facilities which are very impressive to say the least. A substantial staff take care of dozens of girls, offering work, education, financial security and guidance, prevention rescue, accommodation and much more. Their success rate is near-perfect in keeping the girls “off the street”.

We’re aiming to experience some rescue potential tonight, so that will be interesting if not very confronting. Will let you know how we go…

Remember Seven support Street Dreams

BIG THANKS goes to Mark & Leesa Cornford along with Katie Wallis and her band Remember Seven for supporting Street Dreams last Saturday.

In both cases Red Earth was able to publicly share our dream for Street Dreams and the response was felt immediately.

On their website, Remember Seven say that “it is our heart’s desire to share the stories of our extraordinary friends. stories of loss and hope. stories of hunger and plenty. stories of faith and doubt. as a band, the friends we have made in zambia and zimbabwe have changed the course of our lives…. we are committed to more than half the income from sales of our music going directly into work on the ground in zambia and zimbabwe… and any other places of need which arise.”. We applaud their commitment to social justice and share their motivation!

For those interested in supported Remember Seven and the organisation they support go to