The Way Forward…..


It is with mixed emotions that we write this latest blog post.

As many of you already know, our latest Street Dreams (Episode 2) crowd funding campaign on Pozible fell short of it’s $30,000 target despite the heroic efforts of many of our passionate supporters who still managed to get us up to $18,000. Unfortunately because of Pozible’s operating conditions, we could not claim any of that $18,000. However, many of these wonderful donors have maintained their commitment to Red Earth and placed their pledge directly into our bank account – sometimes they have increased their donation! At this moment in time these excellent contributions have amounted to just under $9,000 and growing, and for this we are truly thankful.

The reality of falling short means that the vision for Street Dreams 2 has to be amended according to our new financial realities. Should we retrieve and exceed our $18,000 in pledges, then we will seek to fulfill the following priorities:

  • Work towards a making the Street Dreams 2 documentary
  • Support charitable organisations and NGO’s who share our passion for the poor by making promotional videos for them. Some of these will be directly involved in fighting trafficking and slavery others will not.
  • Take Street Dreams to the United States and widen our support base.

Should we receive less then the $18,000 pledged, then further amendments would need to be made. For us, it’s not a question of whether or not we make issue-related films, it’s a question of how much does our budget allow us to do. So if you want to join us with our ongoing Street Dreams campaign, then please contribute by placing a donation electronically to:

A big thank you to everyone out there supporting us with Street Dreams.

Cheers everyone
Jason and Mike
Red Earth Films


Funding Episode 2 of Street Dreams, the Series

Street Dreams 2

Following the success of our first crowd-funded Street Dreams film (for which we are grateful to many you!), Jason and Mike return to create the next episode in a four-part series on human trafficking and modern day slavery. This episode will explore trafficking and slavery through the eyes of those running and organising this $30 billion dollar industry – those we might commonly describe as the “bad guys”! We will ask who these people are, how do they work, what motivates them and are they really that different from the rest of us. Even scarier, are we – everyday consumers – unwittingly supporting their cause?

We decided to create and in-depth resource designed to educate and emotionally provoke its viewers to make an informed and radical stand against a world-wide system that feeds off the exploitation of hundreds of million poor and vulnerable men, women and children. Where the first film looked at victims and survivors, and the second on the trafficking and slavery machine, the final two episodes in the series have the working titles “Street Dreams: On The Frontline” about the individuals, law enforcement and organisations that seek to tackle this industry with “Street Dreams: The Benefactors” rounding out the four and which will discuss those who profit daily from the exploitation of the poor – namely, us!

First up though, is Monsters, Mafias and Manipulators and once again, we need your support. Beginning Saturday, the 14th of September, we will launch our largest campaign to date. Starting at 12pm (noon) Australian EST, visit our crowdfunding page at:

We are seeking $30,000 towards: doing extensive research, getting expert interviews from around the world, extending our support base by touring the first film through North America, producing a wealth of ongoing online material, plus pre-production for the film. This will cover a portion of what we will need to kick-start production of the film but we will need serious donors or partners to join in to complete what we need to do this film and series right.

If you have journeyed with us on the first Street Dreams, then you know that we are committed, able and trustworthy in coming through on our promises. This time around will be no different.

We’ve just loaded our campaign video online…be the first to check it out, share it with others and get on board this exciting and important journey with us again! You can also help us by:

  • purchasing a copy of the original Street Dreams, to help raise funds and to spread knowledge and support for the victims
  • do your own fundraiser to help us make the film and also to help local anti-trafficking organisations
  • ‘Like” our Facebook page and tell people you know about us
  • petition to local cinemas, tv broadcasters, schools and churches to show our film and get people talking about the issue

We hope you will share your passion for social justice with us by supporting our work.

Final Countdown to….success!

It is with great enthusiasm that we announce that the second round of the Street Dreams Pozible fundraising was a resounding success. Despite a shaky start, our supporters brought the campaign home strongly to reach $9550 with 24 hours still to go. WELL DONE!

Obviously the financial benefits of this campaign are invaluable. With this money and other monies raised we are able to:

  • Concentrate our time and energies on creating the film
  • Engage with a composer and other post-production crew
  • Reward our hard working translators and past help
  • Acquire additional footage or shoots
  • ..And much, much more

But to us the success of this campaign was not just in financial terms but a source of tremendous personal encouragement. Making an independent film is a lonely road and it is very easy to lose confidence. So when great people like our financial supporters throw their weight behind our project, it lifts our spirits and reminds us what we are doing is important.

This is not the end of the Street Dreams journey, however – not by a long shot. We are hoping all of you will follow us on our journey. You can do this by “liking” our Facebook page, or visiting our Red Earth webpage or to this blog site where our regular updates are. Of course, ultimately we will be calling all supporters to get out there in droves when we have our public screenings, most likely early next year. As we have said on several occasions, this documentary will be more then just a one-off film but part of a movement; we are looking for all supporters to invite friends, family and workmates to get along to kick-start this movement against Sex Trafficking. We will keep you informed!

Finally this leaves us with a reminder of what this whole Street Dreams thing is all about. Street Dreams is about joining the struggle with groups like FOCUS and Destiny Rescue and many other groups in saving the lives and dreams of young Asian girls caught in the terrifying world of sex trafficking. I want to finish with a quote from one of our interviewees from Street Dreams. She is Glenda, a 28 year-old street prostitute in Manila who was sold into the sex industry when she was 5 years old. I asked her what she wants the entire world to know about her life and the lives of other in the sex trade:

“I am hoping that people like us would be understood by them. Because we do not like what has happened. I am hoping they will pay some attention to us because we would like to change our lives. Give us a chance.” ~ Glenda

On behalf of the millions of Glenda’s in South East Asia, and Red Earth Films – THANK YOU EVERYONE.

The Final Countdown begins

Welcome back to Street Dreams: The Final Countdown

The journey started on 29 February 2011 when we began our first fundraising campaign. Thanks to family, friends and even strangers we raised over $15,000. This amount allowed us to film over 25 hours worth of material during our five-week shoot in South East Asia. With the support of organizations like Destiny Rescue and FOCUS, we were able to get to the very heart of the sex trade . Included in the footage is:

– Attempted rescues of underage girls from brothels
– Many interviews with girls caught in the sex trade
– A music clip for Brisbane band Remember Seven which we filmed in a working brothel with one of it’s girls in Manila

If you have seen the teaser, trailer or video clip then you know that the story and the quality is there. Now we just have to finish the job!

Red Earth Films is inviting all previous, and new, supporters, to help us raise $9500 to complete Street Dreams. The $9,500 will be used towards:

– More pick-up footage for the documentary
– Promotional Video for Destiny Rescue
– Promotional Video for FOCUS
– Helping discover broadcasters and distributors to get this film into the world
– To pay many of the hard working folk who are already spending many hours helping us make this documentary

There is no doubt that the Street Dreams campaign is already raising awareness to the issue of the sex trade.  On a daily basis we are gathering momentum as the world looks forwards to it’s release.  We welcome you to come on board to make this dream come true.

For information on the tax deductibility of your donation please go to  For more details on the project, including the various teasers and clips go to


On behalf of those caught up in the sex trade, those trying to help them and Red Earth Films, thanks for your support.

Bleeding Heart gig wrap-up

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone involved on Saturday night’s “Street Dreams: The Story Continues….”

We want to particularly recognize the hard work and involvement of Craig Burnett, Scat, Remember Seven, the Bleeding Heart, Mardi Lumsden, Naomi Price, Matt Erskine, Fabi Ramos, Troy Beer from Destiny Rescue and all those wonderful supporters who attended on the night.

Coming very soon you will be able to see fruit of the evening including the Street Dreams Trailer and the Remember Seven Red Lit Stage music video.

Check out some photos on Facebook from the night taken by Mike.

Salamat Po!

Two months on…

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been three months since we embarked on our SE Asian adventure and two months since we returned home, our minds and hearts altered forever. The past two months have been a busy and wild ride, with material being generated for the film like a teaser trailer and upcoming event that will feature a newly minted music video for Remember Seven and a long-form trailer that will reveal more about the film. We’ve also been getting a lot of generous help from a variety of sources, plus a great deal of support which is also invaluable. We can always use more support to see this important project through; check out our fundraising page or make a small donation via PayPal.

We’ve been preparing photos from our trip for a print coffee table-styled book which be hopefully available for flipping through (or getting a copy if you’re interested) on the night of the event. Here’s a photo from a slum that we visited in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Hope to see you all at the event on the 3rd of September!



“The Story Continues…” a Red Earth event

Red Earth Films invites you to join us as we seek to expose the struggle between slavery and freedom in the South East Asian sex trade.

We are putting together an evening featuring a mix of entertainment, food, film and info designed to stimulate your senses while giving you a firm grasp on the current state of human trafficking and what we can all do about it!


  • The debut of the Street Dreams trailer and other visuals from the upcoming film
  • Social justice band Remember Seven performs, as well as the launch of their “Red Lit Stage” music video – filmed by Red Earth Films in a real Filipino brothel.
  • Destiny Rescue presentation – a key character in the Street Dreams documentary and one of the leaders in the fight against the International Sex Trade
  • SCAT – Queensland’s leading Jazz band throws their talents behind these issues, supporting the Street Dreams campaign.


  • The Bleeding Heart Gallery, a venue that has a history of helping people and being a sociably and outward focused
  • 166 Ann St, Brisbane (50 metres from central station)
  • Finger Food served on the night while beverages including wine, cold drinks and coffee will be available for sale at the bar


  • Saturday, September 3rd, 7:00 – 10:00 pm

The event is $15 per person with net proceeds going to Red Earth’s ongoing creation of the Street Dreams documentary, plus our donation of providing promotional material to Destiny Rescue and FOCUS, two not-for-profits doing vital work that can use as much support as we can offer!

If you or a friend have a heart for social justice and empowering the disadvantaged people of this world, please join us for a fun night at The Bleeding Heart on September 3rd!

– – – – – – – – – –

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