The Way Forward…..


It is with mixed emotions that we write this latest blog post.

As many of you already know, our latest Street Dreams (Episode 2) crowd funding campaign on Pozible fell short of it’s $30,000 target despite the heroic efforts of many of our passionate supporters who still managed to get us up to $18,000. Unfortunately because of Pozible’s operating conditions, we could not claim any of that $18,000. However, many of these wonderful donors have maintained their commitment to Red Earth and placed their pledge directly into our bank account – sometimes they have increased their donation! At this moment in time these excellent contributions have amounted to just under $9,000 and growing, and for this we are truly thankful.

The reality of falling short means that the vision for Street Dreams 2 has to be amended according to our new financial realities. Should we retrieve and exceed our $18,000 in pledges, then we will seek to fulfill the following priorities:

  • Work towards a making the Street Dreams 2 documentary
  • Support charitable organisations and NGO’s who share our passion for the poor by making promotional videos for them. Some of these will be directly involved in fighting trafficking and slavery others will not.
  • Take Street Dreams to the United States and widen our support base.

Should we receive less then the $18,000 pledged, then further amendments would need to be made. For us, it’s not a question of whether or not we make issue-related films, it’s a question of how much does our budget allow us to do. So if you want to join us with our ongoing Street Dreams campaign, then please contribute by placing a donation electronically to:

A big thank you to everyone out there supporting us with Street Dreams.

Cheers everyone
Jason and Mike
Red Earth Films


Street Dreams Update – March 2012

Friends – We are now in the thick of 2012 and Red Earth Films has been knee deep in post production – amongst other exciting events.

Red Earth wishes Mike Crowhurst a great honeymoon next week in Indonesia, just two weeks after marrying his beloved Heidi high in the Adelaide Hills. Yet despite all of Mike’s wedding and honeymoon commitments he continues to find time to edit our first cut of Street Dreams. We hope that by April/ May this year we will have a finished cut for audience feedback. So have a good break Mike – there is lots of work to be done.

Red Earth also welcomes Chong Kim as co-producer to Street Dreams. Initially Chong was going to be just an expert interview for Street Dreams, but Chong has been so impressed by the film and its direction she has become Street Dream’s American advocate, giving us tax deductability status in the States and raising finance for us over there. This is just the start of Chong’s ongoing commitment to Street Dreams and we are excited by the the chance to work with her more closely in the future.

If you haven’t seen our new extended trailer as well as Chong’s reflection on Destiny Rescue and South East Asia then please have a look and pass it around to friends or anyone who is interested in what we’re doing.

Thanks for your support everyone and watch this space!

Contributor list update


We really can’t say it enough! This is just a quick post to say that the Partners page has been updated and reflects the most up-to-date list of our supporters who have contributed to our campaign financially. The list of others who have played a role in the success of our project so far is also being compiled and will feature on that page at some point but definitely on the film film credits at the very least.

We love you all!

PS. If you find yourself missing or unexpectedly on the list and you want that fixed, please let me know asap!

Final Countdown to….success!

It is with great enthusiasm that we announce that the second round of the Street Dreams Pozible fundraising was a resounding success. Despite a shaky start, our supporters brought the campaign home strongly to reach $9550 with 24 hours still to go. WELL DONE!

Obviously the financial benefits of this campaign are invaluable. With this money and other monies raised we are able to:

  • Concentrate our time and energies on creating the film
  • Engage with a composer and other post-production crew
  • Reward our hard working translators and past help
  • Acquire additional footage or shoots
  • ..And much, much more

But to us the success of this campaign was not just in financial terms but a source of tremendous personal encouragement. Making an independent film is a lonely road and it is very easy to lose confidence. So when great people like our financial supporters throw their weight behind our project, it lifts our spirits and reminds us what we are doing is important.

This is not the end of the Street Dreams journey, however – not by a long shot. We are hoping all of you will follow us on our journey. You can do this by “liking” our Facebook page, or visiting our Red Earth webpage or to this blog site where our regular updates are. Of course, ultimately we will be calling all supporters to get out there in droves when we have our public screenings, most likely early next year. As we have said on several occasions, this documentary will be more then just a one-off film but part of a movement; we are looking for all supporters to invite friends, family and workmates to get along to kick-start this movement against Sex Trafficking. We will keep you informed!

Finally this leaves us with a reminder of what this whole Street Dreams thing is all about. Street Dreams is about joining the struggle with groups like FOCUS and Destiny Rescue and many other groups in saving the lives and dreams of young Asian girls caught in the terrifying world of sex trafficking. I want to finish with a quote from one of our interviewees from Street Dreams. She is Glenda, a 28 year-old street prostitute in Manila who was sold into the sex industry when she was 5 years old. I asked her what she wants the entire world to know about her life and the lives of other in the sex trade:

“I am hoping that people like us would be understood by them. Because we do not like what has happened. I am hoping they will pay some attention to us because we would like to change our lives. Give us a chance.” ~ Glenda

On behalf of the millions of Glenda’s in South East Asia, and Red Earth Films – THANK YOU EVERYONE.

Pozible project interview

Just prior to heading off for SE Asia, Rebekah Lambert from Pozible (with whom we raised our funds to go on the trip) asked if she could interview me about our whole crowdfunding experience. Just remembered that she’d written something and found it today on their site. It’s a nicely written piece and captures what we were aiming to achieve from our overseas adventure….

Pozible blog – Street Dreams

Fundraising update #5

Hi everyone!

We have $9810 raised (73%) $3690 to go with 9 days remaining with more money pledged in the pipelines. Red Earth is certainly getting nervous and excited as we come to the home stretch. We’ve been blown away by the response over the last 41 days and are believing we can find the remaining finance to see this project up and running. But we also have a few twists and turns in this story yet! Watch this space to see what happens next and remember if you’re intending to give then don’t be shy – get on board the adventure in the next 9 days!!

Many thanks,

Mike and Jason

Fundraising update #2

(this is being re-posted from its earlier mail-out as a way of tracking our progress and giving you the info if you missed this update)

Originally dated: 10 March 2011

Dear Friends,

The Street Dreams fundraising campaign is now two weeks old and here is the state of play –

Amount Raised – $2803 (21%)
Money still to be Raised – $10697
Supporters – 14
Days to go – 37 days

A big thanks to all those people who have given thus far. The donations so far have been extremely generous.

Last Friday afternoon I had the Australian president of Destiny Rescue in my lounge room telling me about their work in trying to liberate child sex slaves in South East Asia. As a father and a Youth Worker, I was horrified, deeply saddened and angered at the same time. What is happening throughout South East Asia to millions of children and the sex industry is the stuff of nightmares!

But he also made another important point – that the way to over come this injustice is for a large network of people throughout the world to make a common stand. This sex industry won’t be overthrown by just one organisation or the work of governments alone, but instead by a widespread community of people who are determined to bring freedom to the children of the world.

This conversation and further research has only strengthening the resolve of Red Earth and myself to join this world-wide community and make a film that will recruit many many more children advocates. Please, get on board and support us to tell this vital story and join this network of hope. Even if you cannot help us raise the funds for production you can still become a supporter or promoter for free and pass information about this website onto others. Visit

Anything you can do to help us help them would be grateful. We need to turn the tide on this!

~ Jason

Destiny Rescue
Destiny Rescue – saving the world one child at at time!