High-def digital downloads available!

VHX line-up

Easy-to-use and reliable streaming services have been quickly improving and we’re pleased to announce that we’ve jumped into this arena with a couple of our titles so far: Street Dreams as well as director Jason’s previous effort Ballots and Bullets (not shot in HD). We have begun using VHX which has a good interface, and is an easy-to-use service for anyone. Films can be purchased and then using a facility like AirPlay, you can watch the film on your tv as well as mobile devices. Street Dreams and other Red Earth films can also be rented for 3 days at a discounted rate.

We are pleased to finally be able to offer in high-def which is how it was shot. Until now, anyone who didn’t catch it in theatres when we toured Australia with the film would have be reliant on the standard definition DVD version. It’s great to be able to offer the film in all it’s intended glory!

In addition to the main feature, the Deluxe package (available here) also offers three bonus clips:

  • Jason’s Video Diary which offers a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of Street Dreams
  • Asia Dreams, Mike’s Scenic South East Asian montage
  • Red Lit Stage music video from human rights band Remember Seven, which was shot in a brothel in Manila

If you still would like a hard copy of the film, DVDs are still available through our own e-store or via Destiny Rescue’s shop. A film-only version of the digital download is also available here (still full HD, just without the bonus material) at a reduced price.

We are excited by this move forward with availability of our film library. Stay tuned for our earlier acclaimed video Breathless which will also be available on our VHX page soon.



Tour Diary – Day Seventeen – Chermside Event Cinema


We’ve been hitting some big cinemas the past few days; as the screen sizes grow, so are the audiences it seems. Certainly the snowball seems to be expanding as people get to know about it and tell others. Great to see!

The Event Cinemas in Qld have been sterling so far compared to the cinemas down south when it comes to attentiveness and helping us out. They are also cheaper and have big screens and good facilities so kudos to them (and shame on those cinemas in Melbourne, Hobart and Sydney who were either difficult or, in the case of Sydney’s Reading Cinema, forget we were booked altogether!).

I’m always less certain about how much feedback we’ll get when it’s a general audience situation so it’ll be interesting to see how the Q&A plays out. The film is winding up now so we’re up in a sec….

…and I’m back. Well, it wasn’t a quiet crowd; lots of questions from all over the shop. I’m always impressed with the thoughtful ponderings…I’m so pleased that we’ve created some work that gets people thinking! Tonight especially it seems people were moved to help as we were approached from different professionals armed with business cards wanting to help out in any way they can. One person said: “you suggested that we can all help using the skills we were given to fight this issue, and this is mine” and proceeded to offer us help with our marketing, something we always need help with!

Great to see our old friend Duncan there tonight and thanks to Katja for her help and support and the many folks who attended plus pre-ordered DVDs from us which is always a huge help.

Next stop, Inala tomorrow before heading to the Gold Coast this weekend. Be sure to keep an eye out on channel 31 Digital for the Destiny Rescue/Street Dreams tv spots that the station is airing for us for free! Good on em…

Cannes, Baby…Cannes….!

Yes folks, the rumours are true: Red Earth and Street Dreams are going to Cannes!

Red Earth is sending its most sophisticated and classy member Jason (?) to go to the world’s largest film festival in the South of France from the 15 – 21 May. The reason for this visit is two-fold: One is to support our Street Dreams co-producer and good friend Chong Kim at the release of her feature film Eden; the other reason is to bring our mighty documentary, Street Dreams, to the world! With everything so financially tight on post production, this was a big call by us, but once a Red Earth supporter made a generous donation for this particular trip, we realized this was a once-in-a-lifetime chance; an opportunity we could not resist. So Jason will be packing his finest threads (both of them), some choice cuts from the Street Dreams rough cut, some rarely used arm deodorant and a heap of enthusiasm and heading to the French Riviera to bring the message of Street Dreams to the world stage. Jason leaves on the 14 May and Chong’s film screens on the 17 May, so stay tuned for exciting updates! Viva la Cannes!

As mentioned above, we are taking to Cannes two 5 minute segments from the Street Dreams rough cut. Over the last weekend, Jason and Mike locked themselves in a room in Adelaide to pull together a dynamic rough cut of Street Dreams. After two days, your Red Earth heroes were making excellent progress and a wonderful film was coming to fruition. But then suddenly Murphy’s law took hold and the editing program went BANG! This BANG took out 50% of our previous work which meant that after spending 5 hours trying to fix the files, all we could do is go back and redo the 50% of editing we lost. After that, Jason had to head back to Brisbane. Having said all this, the film is looking in excellent shape with the interviews of the trafficked girls being particularly powerful and moving. So despite all these setbacks, Red Earth pushes forward to a potential Street Dreams premiere and tour throughout Australia in July and August this year. Stay tuned for more details about that.

Thanks for your ongoing support and encouragement guys. We are getting closer everyday to bring the Street Dream documentary into the world.

PS – Do you think, while in a the South of France, if one holds a can of Diet Coke in a certain posh way, and sips it with air of eloquence, that the Diet Coke might pass as a glass of expensive wine?


All quiet in the editing cave

It’s been a rather quiet stretch from the perspective of Street Dreams announcements of late.

This is just a quickie message to let you know that I (Mike) am pushing hard to get a watchable rough cut of the film done this week as Jason and I will be sitting down together for the first time since the footage was captured to massage it into shape. We’ve got a lot of great material in there but it is a time-consuming process, no two ways about it, plus with the sensitive nature of the subject matter we are trying to ensure that it comes together in the most useful, entertaining, educating, appropriate and enlightening way possible! No easy task to be sure, to be sure…(insert random Irish accent here)

From a personal point of view, I just wanted to say a big thanks to those trickles of financial support that come into our bank account occasionally; the film’s edit has stretched over a much longer amount of time than expected due to the restraints of balancing doing the film (which to date has been largely unpaid work) together with the need to put food on the table. It’s been a real struggle to maintain motivation and commitment to doing the film at times as it requires me to work 6+ days a week in general, with only about 2 or 3 of those days paid (doing other video editing). However, it always gives me a smile to see a bit of money slipped under the door, as it were, anonymously added to our bank account. These acts of generosity remind me why this work is being done and needs us to forge ahead. So thank you to those who give as it makes a world of difference and absolutely will contribute in a positive way to getting this film completed!

We’re getting down to the crunch! Hopefully we’ll have a completed film in the very near future!

Jason has some exciting news to tell you as well, but I’ll let him do that in a separate entry.

Thanks, Mike

Street Dreams Update – March 2012

Friends – We are now in the thick of 2012 and Red Earth Films has been knee deep in post production – amongst other exciting events.

Red Earth wishes Mike Crowhurst a great honeymoon next week in Indonesia, just two weeks after marrying his beloved Heidi high in the Adelaide Hills. Yet despite all of Mike’s wedding and honeymoon commitments he continues to find time to edit our first cut of Street Dreams. We hope that by April/ May this year we will have a finished cut for audience feedback. So have a good break Mike – there is lots of work to be done.

Red Earth also welcomes Chong Kim as co-producer to Street Dreams. Initially Chong was going to be just an expert interview for Street Dreams, but Chong has been so impressed by the film and its direction she has become Street Dream’s American advocate, giving us tax deductability status in the States and raising finance for us over there. This is just the start of Chong’s ongoing commitment to Street Dreams and we are excited by the the chance to work with her more closely in the future.

If you haven’t seen our new extended trailer as well as Chong’s reflection on Destiny Rescue and South East Asia then please have a look and pass it around to friends or anyone who is interested in what we’re doing.

Thanks for your support everyone and watch this space!

All things coming up Chong Kim

Chong Kim has been mentioned plenty by us these days, but for good reason: she’s jumped right on board the Street Dreams project and has been a major help and contributor to shaping its future. We are very thankful for finding her!

There are many Chong-related and instigated things happening with Street Dreams at the moment that we are holding back to reveal once they are more certain, but suffice it to say we are pretty chuffed about some of the stuff swirling around at the moment. Jason will be doing a message sometime soon with more details.

In the meantime, the feature film Eden, which is a tale based on the life of Chong, has just been accepted into the South By Southwest (SXSW) film festival in Texas! It is apparently one of 8 finalists chosen from over 1100 films to be in their top Narrative Competition. We are very happy for her and for the filmmakers who have had this success thus far! You can read about it all here.