High-def digital downloads available!

VHX line-up

Easy-to-use and reliable streaming services have been quickly improving and we’re pleased to announce that we’ve jumped into this arena with a couple of our titles so far: Street Dreams as well as director Jason’s previous effort Ballots and Bullets (not shot in HD). We have begun using VHX which has a good interface, and is an easy-to-use service for anyone. Films can be purchased and then using a facility like AirPlay, you can watch the film on your tv as well as mobile devices. Street Dreams and other Red Earth films can also be rented for 3 days at a discounted rate.

We are pleased to finally be able to offer in high-def which is how it was shot. Until now, anyone who didn’t catch it in theatres when we toured Australia with the film would have be reliant on the standard definition DVD version. It’s great to be able to offer the film in all it’s intended glory!

In addition to the main feature, the Deluxe package (available here) also offers three bonus clips:

  • Jason’s Video Diary which offers a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of Street Dreams
  • Asia Dreams, Mike’s Scenic South East Asian montage
  • Red Lit Stage music video from human rights band Remember Seven, which was shot in a brothel in Manila

If you still would like a hard copy of the film, DVDs are still available through our own e-store or via Destiny Rescue’s shop. A film-only version of the digital download is also available here (still full HD, just without the bonus material) at a reduced price.

We are excited by this move forward with availability of our film library. Stay tuned for our earlier acclaimed video Breathless which will also be available on our VHX page soon.



E-store now open; all Red Earth doco titles available!


There have been some minor delays in getting the “official” store open but now all Red Earth documentaries can be purchased through Devine Media Solutions. Robyn Devine came on-board late last year to assist Red Earth with marketing and expansion of the Street Dreams story. It is her e-store that our films are being distributed through:


Institutional versions of our past docos will be available soon as well.

If you have been holding out to get your copy or know someone who should see the film, please purchase a copy today!

Devine Media

March update: human trafficking is still a problem!

Hey folks, it been a bit quiet on the Street Dreams/ Red Earth front recently. We’ve been busy with personal transitions (ie. Jason moving to Thailand), trying to cover our bases with distribution, waiting on film festivals and examining new and exciting directions, particularly in North America. There is a possibility Street Dreams will be hitting Mike’s home turf of Canada in mid-2013.

Stay tuned and please keep supporting our effort! Our DVD is for sale and can be used to show friends and family or we also do public screening licenses so you can show your school, church or organisation. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need some extra info to help get the word out. We are wholly committed to helping to change perceptions and this industry and we hope we can count on your support to assist with that change. It only takes one person changing another person’s life to be worth it….!

Street Dreams DVD available for sale

Red Earth Films is pleased to announce our documentary film, Street Dreams,
available for purchase now on DVD!


While we await the official opening of our web store, Street Dreams DVDs are now available for sale via the Red Earth website (for Australian & NZ customers only; sorry overseas peoples!). Go get em…!

We appreciate your patience as we have completed production of our film on DVD. With this release – which features a revamped audio mix and minor visual improvements – comes a host of extras to round out the journey that making this film took us on, including:

– The 60 minute Street Dreams documentary
– Jason’s South East Asian Video Diary
– Mike’s Scenic montage
– “Red Lit Stage” Video from Remember Seven
– Chong’s Reflections on Destiny Rescue
…and more!

Watch this space as we’ll provide a link from here to our new web store page where you can purchase both the home-use copy of the film (for small groups like family and friends) plus institutional/public-screening licenses (for screening the film to groups over 20 people, like churches, communities, schools or as part of a social service programme**) for unlimited screenings. In addition, we will be selling versions of past Red Earth productions here as well.

** in part as a courtesy to Red Earth Films and also a legal responsibility to the end-user, we are asking groups who are likely to screen the film to larger groups or regularly in an educational environment to purchase the institutional license. We are offering it at a fair price which helps compensate Red Earth for a film that was largely made off our own backs but also offers users a legal and cost-effective way to expose the issue of human trafficking. Thank you!



This is a landmark film for Red Earth films as it is a passionate reflection of who we are and the issues we feel need to be shared with the world.

In Sept 2012, we completed a five-state tour recently through Australia which was an amazing experience. It was great to see Street Dreams up on the big screen but more importantly some of the impressions we made on people who were touched by what they saw was all we could have hoped for. Check out our Aussie Tour page which links to photos from the trip, testimonials from people who felt our passionate message. If you’d like to organise your own event, please contact us!

This blog is an ongoing resource of information about our film project Street Dreams and its progress, and of links and stories pertaining to the documentary’s topic of human trafficking and the enslavement of millions of people worldwide. Use the menu above to find out more about the film and it’s creators!

We hope you will join us to feel moved, inspired and entertained!