Funding Episode 2 of Street Dreams, the Series

Street Dreams 2

Following the success of our first crowd-funded Street Dreams film (for which we are grateful to many you!), Jason and Mike return to create the next episode in a four-part series on human trafficking and modern day slavery. This episode will explore trafficking and slavery through the eyes of those running and organising this $30 billion dollar industry – those we might commonly describe as the “bad guys”! We will ask who these people are, how do they work, what motivates them and are they really that different from the rest of us. Even scarier, are we – everyday consumers – unwittingly supporting their cause?

We decided to create and in-depth resource designed to educate and emotionally provoke its viewers to make an informed and radical stand against a world-wide system that feeds off the exploitation of hundreds of million poor and vulnerable men, women and children. Where the first film looked at victims and survivors, and the second on the trafficking and slavery machine, the final two episodes in the series have the working titles “Street Dreams: On The Frontline” about the individuals, law enforcement and organisations that seek to tackle this industry with “Street Dreams: The Benefactors” rounding out the four and which will discuss those who profit daily from the exploitation of the poor – namely, us!

First up though, is Monsters, Mafias and Manipulators and once again, we need your support. Beginning Saturday, the 14th of September, we will launch our largest campaign to date. Starting at 12pm (noon) Australian EST, visit our crowdfunding page at:

We are seeking $30,000 towards: doing extensive research, getting expert interviews from around the world, extending our support base by touring the first film through North America, producing a wealth of ongoing online material, plus pre-production for the film. This will cover a portion of what we will need to kick-start production of the film but we will need serious donors or partners to join in to complete what we need to do this film and series right.

If you have journeyed with us on the first Street Dreams, then you know that we are committed, able and trustworthy in coming through on our promises. This time around will be no different.

We’ve just loaded our campaign video online…be the first to check it out, share it with others and get on board this exciting and important journey with us again! You can also help us by:

  • purchasing a copy of the original Street Dreams, to help raise funds and to spread knowledge and support for the victims
  • do your own fundraiser to help us make the film and also to help local anti-trafficking organisations
  • ‘Like” our Facebook page and tell people you know about us
  • petition to local cinemas, tv broadcasters, schools and churches to show our film and get people talking about the issue

We hope you will share your passion for social justice with us by supporting our work.