Red Earth’s first North American screening

Street Dreams will be screening for the first time in North America at:

1:00pm on the 22nd of July 2013 at the Star Cinema in Sidney, BC, Canada

star-cinemaThe Star is a boutique cinema on Vancouver Island which is located a 1.5 hour ferry ride from Vancouver. Red Earth’s Mike Crowhurst will MC the event and will answer audience questions following the screening. We are still trying to draw local government and NGOs to participate in the event as Victoria, BC’s provincial capitol, is just down the road and it would be great to be able to introduce this film and our forthcoming Series to some influential folks.

Red Earth has been working with numerous groups in the Vancouver area trying to line up a screening or two to happen when Mike is holidaying there in the coming weeks. Our hope had been to do a more substantial launch there, but the combination of schedule conflicts with human rights organisations, the busy summer season and not overburdening Mike on his holidays has meant that things have been kept scaled back.

Mike’s parents live in the Sidney area and so it seemed appropriate to make it a local event drawing the interest of a local audience keen to hear the voice of a former BC boy making human rights films overseas 😀

We’ll update this site as more information about this event comes available. If you are in the Vancouver area and are interested in seeing Street Dreams on the big screen or you know anyone who would like to support our endeavors, please share this information around!