Kevin Bales is Freeing the Slaves

It might seem like we’ve been hibernating here at Red Earth but we are busily trying to make a bunch of things come together at once, thus no real news. Hopefully there will be something concrete to tell you about soon!

In the meantime, we’ve been reading this fine book on modern day slavery if anyone is keen on learning everything there is to know on the subject. Melbourne academic Roscoe Howell, who appeared as a guest speaker at our Melbourne Cinema Nova screening last August, penned the book and you can find the order form for it here:

Another very interesting item we found recently was from a chap named Kevin Bales from an organisation he co-started called Free The Slaves. He appeared at a TED talk in 2010 and gave this rousing, and ultimately hopeful, presentation. Very well spoken and gives you a lot of quality info in a condensed programme: