Announcement: Monsters, Mafias and Manipulators

Red Earth is proud to announce that we are going to create a brand new documentary called STREET DREAMS: MONSTERS, MAFIAS AND MANIPULATORS.

This is a follow up to the original Street Dreams doco and will focus on the baddies – those responsible for trafficking and enslaving vulnerable people. Once again your favourite fearless filmmakers will go into the dark corners of the globe seeking to uncover the harsh realities of this $32 billion a year criminal industry. This doco will be the next step in a four-part documentary series which, we envision, will become a comprehensive resource on human trafficking and slavery in this modern age. Big stuff huh?

crimestoppers-logoRed Earth Films is proud to announce that world-renowned anti-crime organisation CrimeStoppers International is officially endorsing the Street Dreams initiative. Having a well-respected organization like CrimeStoppers onboard is a major boost for us in so many ways as we seek to dig deeper into such a widespread and complicated area like human trafficking and slavery. We are hoping that this partnership will be just one of many partnerships that we develop on this important journey.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we start to plan for this next stage of the Street Dreams odyssey… and thanks again for your amazing continued support!