Street Dreams Testimonials

I don’t think we could have forged on the Street Dreams Australian Tour this year without the support of audience members, friends and family, both from a production and fundraising point of view, but also as the Tour went on. It was physically and emotionally tiring being on the road for 5 weeks especially directly following a 7-day/week lead up to the event getting the film completed and the tour all prepared. Besides having people coming up to us and personally thanking us for the film, it was great to see the kind words that people offered through text & email messages, this blog site and Facebook. I have just put a few special notes here that warm our hearts and help us to continue on our quest! (I’ve listed the quotes anonymously so I don’t have to chase everyone up for their consent! 🙂

“You did an amazing job capturing the voice of each girl, their heart and both my husband and I were very moved. Thank goodness that there are men in this world that will stand up for these girls and help them rather than abuse them.” ~ MT

“Thanks to these men who are not afraid to stand up to injustice or to push the boundaries on what is too much for sacrifice to save a life…even if it means coming to Tassie! We stand with you!” ~ AG

“What an awesome effort you guys are making towards creating change in the world. Totally humbling.” ~ JW

“Thanks to all those involved in the making of this film…I was so inspired and challenged by the film and the discussion afterwards.” ~ AM

“Saw this film in Maroochydore last night! Wow! A must-see! Has re-enforced our conviction that we need to do something. Looking fwd to getting to Cambodia in Oct. Katie Wallis is right – it’s going to take an army of people working alongside each other to stop human trafficking…” ~ SJD

“I am so proud of you both and the gargantuan effort you have injected into this project. To take an idea all the way from inception to a finished product that can move and inspire others is what film making is all about and I feel that you have achieved more with this truly international documentary than many film makers ever will….Stay the course, you’re doing something special and magnificent.” ~ DS

“Just wanted to let you know how much your movie has inspired me…I don’t think I will get much sleep tonight as you have me so excited to get out there and do something about the issue. Thank you so much. It’s something I have wanted to do for so long but you have given me the extra push I need.” ~ A

Of course, one of the best was from our new friend Christine McPherson on NSW’s Central Coast, who wrote a beautiful blog posting that we previously posted on this site, but here it is again if you didn’t see it…

There were a heap more similar comments and we thank everyone who took the time to not only see the film and hear us out, but responded so graciously with their positive words. Thank you!!