A film series to inspire a change in the world…



This is a landmark film series for Red Earth films as it is a passionate reflection of who we are and the issues we feel need to be shared with the world.

This blog is an ongoing resource of information about our film project Street Dreams and its progress, and of links and stories pertaining to the documentary’s topic of human trafficking and the enslavement of millions of people worldwide. Use the menu above to find out more about the film and it’s creators!

In 2013 we embarked on a campaign to start creating the second Street Dreams film in our 4-part series. Funding has come in lower than hoped and so we are evaluating how we plan to tackle our plan. This was our current plan as of the end of 2013.

In Sept 2012, we completed a five-state tour through Australia which was an amazing experience in sharing our first Street Dreams film. It was great to see the film on the big screen but more importantly some of the impressions we made on people who were touched by what they saw was all we could have hoped for. Check out our Aussie Tour page which links to photos from the trip, testimonials from people who felt our passionate message. If you’d like to organise your own event, please contact us!

We hope you will join us to feel moved, inspired and entertained!


High-def digital downloads available!

VHX line-up

Easy-to-use and reliable streaming services have been quickly improving and we’re pleased to announce that we’ve jumped into this arena with a couple of our titles so far: Street Dreams as well as director Jason’s previous effort Ballots and Bullets (not shot in HD). We have begun using VHX which has a good interface, and is an easy-to-use service for anyone. Films can be purchased and then using a facility like AirPlay, you can watch the film on your tv as well as mobile devices. Street Dreams and other Red Earth films can also be rented for 3 days at a discounted rate.

We are pleased to finally be able to offer in high-def which is how it was shot. Until now, anyone who didn’t catch it in theatres when we toured Australia with the film would have be reliant on the standard definition DVD version. It’s great to be able to offer the film in all it’s intended glory!

In addition to the main feature, the Deluxe package (available here) also offers three bonus clips:

  • Jason’s Video Diary which offers a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of Street Dreams
  • Asia Dreams, Mike’s Scenic South East Asian montage
  • Red Lit Stage music video from human rights band Remember Seven, which was shot in a brothel in Manila

If you still would like a hard copy of the film, DVDs are still available through our own e-store or via Destiny Rescue’s shop. A film-only version of the digital download is also available here (still full HD, just without the bonus material) at a reduced price.

We are excited by this move forward with availability of our film library. Stay tuned for our earlier acclaimed video Breathless which will also be available on our VHX page soon.


The Way Forward…..


It is with mixed emotions that we write this latest blog post.

As many of you already know, our latest Street Dreams (Episode 2) crowd funding campaign on Pozible fell short of it’s $30,000 target despite the heroic efforts of many of our passionate supporters who still managed to get us up to $18,000. Unfortunately because of Pozible’s operating conditions, we could not claim any of that $18,000. However, many of these wonderful donors have maintained their commitment to Red Earth and placed their pledge directly into our bank account – sometimes they have increased their donation! At this moment in time these excellent contributions have amounted to just under $9,000 and growing, and for this we are truly thankful.

The reality of falling short means that the vision for Street Dreams 2 has to be amended according to our new financial realities. Should we retrieve and exceed our $18,000 in pledges, then we will seek to fulfill the following priorities:

  • Work towards a making the Street Dreams 2 documentary
  • Support charitable organisations and NGO’s who share our passion for the poor by making promotional videos for them. Some of these will be directly involved in fighting trafficking and slavery others will not.
  • Take Street Dreams to the United States and widen our support base.

Should we receive less then the $18,000 pledged, then further amendments would need to be made. For us, it’s not a question of whether or not we make issue-related films, it’s a question of how much does our budget allow us to do. So if you want to join us with our ongoing Street Dreams campaign, then please contribute by placing a donation electronically to:

A big thank you to everyone out there supporting us with Street Dreams.

Cheers everyone
Jason and Mike
Red Earth Films

Funding Episode 2 of Street Dreams, the Series

Street Dreams 2

Following the success of our first crowd-funded Street Dreams film (for which we are grateful to many you!), Jason and Mike return to create the next episode in a four-part series on human trafficking and modern day slavery. This episode will explore trafficking and slavery through the eyes of those running and organising this $30 billion dollar industry – those we might commonly describe as the “bad guys”! We will ask who these people are, how do they work, what motivates them and are they really that different from the rest of us. Even scarier, are we – everyday consumers – unwittingly supporting their cause?

We decided to create and in-depth resource designed to educate and emotionally provoke its viewers to make an informed and radical stand against a world-wide system that feeds off the exploitation of hundreds of million poor and vulnerable men, women and children. Where the first film looked at victims and survivors, and the second on the trafficking and slavery machine, the final two episodes in the series have the working titles “Street Dreams: On The Frontline” about the individuals, law enforcement and organisations that seek to tackle this industry with “Street Dreams: The Benefactors” rounding out the four and which will discuss those who profit daily from the exploitation of the poor – namely, us!

First up though, is Monsters, Mafias and Manipulators and once again, we need your support. Beginning Saturday, the 14th of September, we will launch our largest campaign to date. Starting at 12pm (noon) Australian EST, visit our crowdfunding page at:


We are seeking $30,000 towards: doing extensive research, getting expert interviews from around the world, extending our support base by touring the first film through North America, producing a wealth of ongoing online material, plus pre-production for the film. This will cover a portion of what we will need to kick-start production of the film but we will need serious donors or partners to join in to complete what we need to do this film and series right.

If you have journeyed with us on the first Street Dreams, then you know that we are committed, able and trustworthy in coming through on our promises. This time around will be no different.

We’ve just loaded our campaign video online…be the first to check it out, share it with others and get on board this exciting and important journey with us again! You can also help us by:

  • purchasing a copy of the original Street Dreams, to help raise funds and to spread knowledge and support for the victims
  • do your own fundraiser to help us make the film and also to help local anti-trafficking organisations
  • ‘Like” our Facebook page and tell people you know about us
  • petition to local cinemas, tv broadcasters, schools and churches to show our film and get people talking about the issue

We hope you will share your passion for social justice with us by supporting our work.

Sidney Screening Success


A unique opportunity presented itself in Sidney, BC Canada when the local cinema operator expressed an interest to screen Street Dreams while Mike was visiting his folks there on holidays. After a few weeks of promotion, preparation and coordination with the cinema, us in Australia, Mike’s mum and the local Vancouver Island media, the event finally took place this afternoon to great success. It would be our first North American screening…

The quaint local theatre, Star Cinema, is run by Sandy, a generous and kind woman who did all sorts of her own promotion of the film which put many of the cinemas we visited on our 2012 tour in Australia to shame. In addition to telling everyone she met, putting the info on her subscriber mailing list and front page of her website, she also made business card-sized promotion cards that she passed around to folks, put a poster on her shop window and added a newspaper clipping to it, plus had one of her staff create a video promo that played between her other movie trailers. This is outstanding service for an little indie film like ours, but also illustrates just how much work goes into a successful marketing campaign. The amount of equivalent work my mum did to rally local folks together to this event was equally impressive and appreciated.

In the end, it all paid off: we had over 100 people nearly fill an 125-seat cinema; there were a lot of people from all over that had heard about the film; there were many generous donations to help us out; an engaging Q&A session followed the show; Mike didn’t stuff up his words at all (whew!); and a lot of appreciative responses were expressed by folks. My mum has received a flood of emails this evening from friends whose eyes were opened and were congratulatory for us tackling this difficult subject. On top of that, cinema-owner Sandy donated most of her ticket sales to us. Overall, a smashing success for us and the good Sidney folk!

A big thanks goes out to Sandy, my mum (Anke), Michael at the Times-Colonist newspaper (article below), our own friend Robyn for PR help and the many Sidney and Victoria folk (& Nick V who travelled 2.5hrs) who attended the event.

Here’s a link to a good newspaper article from the main paper on Vancouver Island:

Red Earth’s first North American screening

Street Dreams will be screening for the first time in North America at:

1:00pm on the 22nd of July 2013 at the Star Cinema in Sidney, BC, Canada

star-cinemaThe Star is a boutique cinema on Vancouver Island which is located a 1.5 hour ferry ride from Vancouver. Red Earth’s Mike Crowhurst will MC the event and will answer audience questions following the screening. We are still trying to draw local government and NGOs to participate in the event as Victoria, BC’s provincial capitol, is just down the road and it would be great to be able to introduce this film and our forthcoming Series to some influential folks.

Red Earth has been working with numerous groups in the Vancouver area trying to line up a screening or two to happen when Mike is holidaying there in the coming weeks. Our hope had been to do a more substantial launch there, but the combination of schedule conflicts with human rights organisations, the busy summer season and not overburdening Mike on his holidays has meant that things have been kept scaled back.

Mike’s parents live in the Sidney area and so it seemed appropriate to make it a local event drawing the interest of a local audience keen to hear the voice of a former BC boy making human rights films overseas 😀

We’ll update this site as more information about this event comes available. If you are in the Vancouver area and are interested in seeing Street Dreams on the big screen or you know anyone who would like to support our endeavors, please share this information around!

Kevin Bales is Freeing the Slaves

It might seem like we’ve been hibernating here at Red Earth but we are busily trying to make a bunch of things come together at once, thus no real news. Hopefully there will be something concrete to tell you about soon!

In the meantime, we’ve been reading this fine book on modern day slavery if anyone is keen on learning everything there is to know on the subject. Melbourne academic Roscoe Howell, who appeared as a guest speaker at our Melbourne Cinema Nova screening last August, penned the book and you can find the order form for it here:


Another very interesting item we found recently was from a chap named Kevin Bales from an organisation he co-started called Free The Slaves. He appeared at a TED talk in 2010 and gave this rousing, and ultimately hopeful, presentation. Very well spoken and gives you a lot of quality info in a condensed programme: